Iron frames, designed and manufactured by Trevix Design, were originally commissioned in 2006 by Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone for their photo exhibition "I SEGNI DEL CORPO."
They are constructed so as to expose photograph and image panels, outdoors and in complete safety.
The photo frames have already been used for several exhibitions, such as "Hermes", "CioccolaTO", "Croce Verde", "GTT", "Ordine degli Architetti", "Siddhartha", "Juventus", etc. and they are available to hire a "turnkey", upon contact and favorable opinion of the owners.
We are at your disposal for any information on installing and setting up an exhibition.

Vandal-resistant, self-supporting, halogen lighting
Iron photo frames
◊ iron frame, self-supporting, double-sided.
◊ bases ballasted.
◊ canopy for partial protection from the weather.
◊ clean and functional design.
◊ vandal-resistant construction
◊ perimeter protection of graphic panels, can be used on vertical or horizontal format.
◊ night lighting system with timer and 200W halogens at optimal angle.
◊ electrification of the area, without obstacles and impediments at ground level.
◊ support for optional captions
Dimensions and weights are approximate
Photo exhibition in Turin
◊ base 100x130 cm (100x140 plan view including the canopy)
◊ Total height: 350 cm
◊ position canopy height: 250 cm
◊ height position of halogen spotlights: 300 cm
◊ size of the panels on display: 85x125 cm
◊ thickness of the panels on display: 8 mm max (total for two-sided)
◊ structure weight: 180Kg about
◊ concrete ballast weight: 300Kg
Outdoor photo in Milan

The photographic or graphic panels to be displayed can be made of aluminum, Alubond (aluminum sandwich) or Forex. The choice of media is influenced by economic factors and, in summer time, by the outdoor temperature (Forex most suffers the high summer temperatures).
Photographs and images on display must be made ​​for outdoor, using an appropriate printing technology or anti-UV lamination that does not allow water infiltration between the image and the media.

The external dimensions of the panels must be strictly 850x1250 mm. This dimension ensures a tolerance of 5mm on the perimeter of support, allowing the normal expansion of the materials.
The thickness of the two-sided panel or the total thickness of the two panels mounted double-sided should not exceed 10mm
Photo frames

The frames are equipped with a vertical extension (h 346 cm) which is used, by means of the tension of a steel cable, to support, in an almost horizontal position, the cables required for electrical lighting.
The arrangement of the frames must therefore reflect a certain orthogonality which allows to realize an aesthetically clean aerial wiring.

The distance between the frames is an average of 400 cm (between image and image facing). This allows a correct view of the photographs in relation to the size of the images and allows you to not over-extend overhead wiring.

To realize the colophon of the exhibition and other explanatory texts, there are 2 totem, of triangular section, freestanding, illuminated on which can be placed a total of 6 forex panels (dim strict 129,5x279,5h cm) thick. 4-5mm with outdoor print.
Alternatively, you can of course use two or more frames on which to place the texts of the exhibition.
Photo holders

At the base of each frame the two oblique sheets may also be used to present any captions. The location is optimal for both the angle of illumination and for the position with respect to the panel. Of course, according to the quantity of expected text, it is necessary to size the font appropriately so that the user, who normally is positioned at 1.5-2 meters away from the image, can read the text without difficulty.

The minimum size is 55 x 25h cm. The maximum size is 98 x 36h. It is also possible to use intermediate sizing compatible with the docking system.

The captions are normally made ​​with an inkjet printing on black Forex, with a thickness of 3-5 mm depending on the size. In the summer months, where the heat can expand the Forex excessively, you should instead use an aluminum or a Alubond / Dibond.
For any further information, please contact me at 011/4332691. Or send an Email.

For a quote, you should specify:
◊ The number of frames (each frame is two-sided and therefore supports 2 photos)
◊ The period and the approximate duration of the exposition you want to achieve.
◊ The site of exposition.
◊ Any other needs (prints, captions, opening ...)

Click here to download the data sheet of the iron exhibition frames.