The photo frames described here are designed to expose, outdoor and in security, photographic and graphic images in the form of panels.

Given the success of outdoor photography exhibitions, with the aim of promoting a product that can be easily used by internal resources among the administrations (municipalities, regions), we propose these new exhibitors, available only FOR SALE, made of steel and aluminum, easy to assemble , with cement ballast and adjustable photo frame.

Your first assembly will be followed by one of our representatives. Or the mounts will be brought at the address indicated by you, where you will arrange at your leisure, always with your staff, to set up the exhibition.
The mounts, for the time being, are NOT equipped with lighting, but respond to all the characteristics of solidity, resistance to weather and vandalism and attractive design that has created the success of the exhibitors of Trevix Design.

The minimum supply of Mounts is 20 items, available 60 days from the order, at a cost of € 950.00 each

Vandal-resistant, self-supporting, adjustable
Espositori in acciaio per mostre
◊ stainless steel frame, self-supporting, double-sided.
◊ bases ballasted, cement and iron.
◊ clean and functional design.
◊ vandal-resistant construction
◊ perimeter protection of graphic panels, can be used on vertical or horizontal format.
◊ post and frame leveling on the horizon
◊ support for optional captions, mounted on the central post.
◊ movable ballast with forklift or manual lift.
Espositori in acciaio per mostre
Dimensions and weights are approximate
Base espositore
◊ base 90x90 cm (90x135 plan view, including the horizontal frame).
◊ Total height: 210 - 250 cm.
◊ center of photo height: 163 cm.
◊ size of the panels on display: 85x1250 cm.
◊ thickness of the panels on display: 8 mm max.
◊ overall weight: about 300kg.

The mounts are transported in 3 pieces: the frame, the tubular upright and the ballast.
Assembly is extremely easy, with the use of a pair of Allen keys.
The ballast must be moved with a forklift or hoist. For this purpose we will supply you with a eyebolt to be screwed, before assembly, on the bllast, for an easy belt lifting.

Of course we will follow you in the first assembly. Ee will provide the instructions and the static certification by our engineer.
photographic frames for outdoor

The photographic or graphics panels to be displayed can be made of aluminum, Alubond (aluminum sandwich) or Dibond 2-3mm or Forex 5mm.
Photographs and images on display must be made ​​for outdoor use, using an appropriate punting technology or anti-UV lamination that does not allow water infiltration between the image and the media.
The panels will be easily installed inside the aluminum frames that each mount is equipped with: the frame features an anti-vandal blocking system which, in the photo, can be seen in the prototype version.

The external dimensions of the panels must be strictly 850x1250 mm. This dimension ensures a tolerance of 5mm on the perimeter of support, allowing the normal expansion of the materials.
The thickness of the two-sided panel or the total thickness of the two panels mounted mono-sided should not exceed 8mm
Photo exhibit

The mounts, not being equipped with an electrical system, can be arranged in any position to favor the narration of the exhibition.

The distance between the frames is an average of 400 cm (between image and image facing).
This allows a correct view of the photographs in relation to the size of the images and allows the public to move freely without hindrance, while feeling within an exhibition event.

To realize the colophon of the exhibition and other explanatory texts is of course possible to use two or more frames.

On the post of the mount there is a provision for optional captions. The position is optimal both for the viewing angle and for the position with respect to the work. Naturally, also based on the amount of text expected, it is necessary to size the font so that the user, who is normally positioned at 1.5-2 meters away from the image, can read the text without difficulty.

The captions are normally made ​​with an inkjet printing on Alubond, with a thickness of 2 mm and a maximum size of cm48x35h.
For any further information, please contact me at 011/4332691. Or send an Email.

For a quote, you should specify:
◊ The number of frames (each frame is two-sided and therefore supports 2 photos)
◊ The The place of destination for shipment
◊ Any other needs (prints, captions, opening ...)