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ITALIANO: Questa scheda tecnica, 250Kb in formato PDF (Acrobat), contiene informazioni sulle dimensioni, pesi e caratteristiche degli espositori per mostre fotografiche. Le immagini e disegni allegati vi permetteranno di ideare al meglio la vostra esposizione e aiutarci a capire come meglio disporre le strutture e risolvere al meglio le vostre esigenze.
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ENGLISH: This data sheet, 250Kb PDF (Acrobat), contains information about the size, weight and characteristics of the exposition frames. The images and accompanying drawings will allow you to design your photo exposition and help us understand how better to solve your exposition needs.
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FRANÇAIS: Cette fiche technique, 250Kb PDF (Acrobat), contient des informations sur la taille, le poids et les caractéristiques des structures. Les images et les dessins d'accompagnement vous permettra de concevoir le meilleur parti de votre exposition et nous aider à comprendre comment mieux d'avoir les installations et les meilleures solutions à vos besoins.
For any further information, please contact me at 011/4332691. Or send an Email.

For a quote, you should specify:
◊ The number of frames (each frame is two-sided and therefore supports 2 photos)
◊ The period and the approximate duration of the exposition you want to achieve.
◊ The site of exposition.
◊ Any other needs (prints, captions, opening ...)