Espositori fotografici
“Bonsai Mounts”
The Municipality of Fossano (CN) decided to equip itself with 40 Bonsai mounts, purchased for the renewal of the pedestrian streets of the historic center. Fossano - July 2018.

Characteristics of the delivery:
• ballast in granitic stone from a proprietary colored mold in paste
• curved tubular stainless steel upright with fast leveling and locking system
• structural frame in aluminum
• removable aluminum frame for still photo
• assembly and disassembly equipment
• packaging system with pallets and containers

Mostra fotografica in piazza
Sogni e segni nel caffè. Turin, 30 May-14 June 2018
Giulia Bernardelli © Bernulia - The artist's gaze created with coffee powder.

On the occasion of Torino TO Coffe, the first festival dedicated to the culture of quality coffee, COSTADORO, in collaboration with Banca Patrimoni Sella & C and the Department of Culture of the City of Turin, organizes an exhibition in the area in front of Palazzo Bricherasio, young artist Giulia Bernardelli, aka Bernulia.

On white tables the drops of the beloved black drink, used as ink, take shape, giving life to fascinating creations of his imagination, where teaspoons, toothpicks and fingers become brushes.

Figurines of cartoons, fantasies or depictions of animals take shape from the cup, which, until recently, were only impalpable thoughts of a person sipping an espresso.
Steel frames for photos
“En plein air”
Turin, Bricherasio palace, October 31st - November 5th 2017
On 8 October 1998, Christo and Jeanne-Claude completed Wrapped Floors and Stairway and Covered Windows in the historic rooms of Palazzo Bricherasio.
Eighteen hundred square meters of cotton fabric were laid to cover the grand staircase, wrap the balustrade, camouflage the furnishings and transform the floors of the five 17th-century halls. From 10 October 1998 to 17 January 1999, more than twenty thousand people put their feet on the temporary installation in the building, then seat of the foundation of the same name, now home to Banca Patrimoni Sella & C.
On October 17th 2017, Christo receive the Honoris Causa degree in History of Art, conferred by the University of Turin.
Photo exhibition in Brera
“Camera con vista”
Fondazione per l’Architettura. Turin 12-22 october 2017
Turin hosts in the vital Piazza Carlo Alberto - between the National Library, the Museum of the Risorgimento and the tables of the premises of Via Cesare Battisti - the first stage of the traveling exhibition of the projects of the "Camera con Vista" award.
The award, in its first edition, is conceived and promoted by the Piedmont Region Councilorship for Culture and Tourism to gather suggestions on the themes of living and hospitality and to imagine the receptivity of the future through the gaze of creatives and architects.
The exhibition, realized with the mounts of Trevix Design, presents the 26 projects selected by the Commission and half of them come from individuals and groups from Piedmont and half from the rest of Italy, ranging from Friuli-Venezia Giulia to Sicily.
Steel frames for photos
“Spazi Educa(t)tivi”
Turin 2017 - may 24th - June 11
This exhibition was born within the Courtyard Playground project as a reflection on the importance of having beautiful and welcoming outdoor spaces in the city, where to grow and educate children and where families can meet.
Architettura Senza Frontiere Piedmont has organized and published the international photographic competition Spazi Educa (t) tivi (published on 01/04/2016 and concluded on 06/30/2016) to stimulate reflection and collect the contributions of photographers, architects and anyone interested.
Photographic exhibition organized as part of the 2017 Architecture in City Festival
Photo exhibition in Brera
“Transmissions” Peole-to-people
Tiziana e Gianni Baldizzone
Parigi, Galerie Joseph 08 november - 02 dicembre 2016

It took place in Paris the photo exhibition "Transmissions", replica of the French exhibition of Brera in 2014. The photographers Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone, organized it with the support of Vacheron Constantin, using the facilities designed and built by Trevix Design.
The exhibition has been realized within an art gallery, showing the great efficacy of the photo frames even in a closed environment.
is a story of today and tradition at the same time: it tells of meetings, passages, of knowledge, of creativity, of human relationships, the deep connection with the matter. The project is the result of a process that led photographers in different parts of the world in search of men and women who embody traditional knowledge that constitute a heritage of cultural diversity.
Steel frames for photos
Exhibition “Russia through a train window”
Milan Expo 2015 - 24 Semptember - 4 October
“Russia Through The Train Window” is one of the largest-scale and unusual projects in the history of Russian photography.This is true mainly because of its subject: Russia, whose world encompasses within itself so much more than any other country on earth.
This is a photographic exhibition about our great country, which has still to find its modern visual embodiment, and which amazingly enough is little known even to us, her citizens.

The many peoples of Russia live in a vast country, striking in its infinite variety: massive distances, dazzling natural wonders, unique towns and villages, a huge diversity of peoples and ethnicities... And it was the railways that brought all of this together. It was the railways that interlinked huge territories many years ago, uniting a huge territory, and boosting the economic and cultural development of Russia as a whole.
This exhibition presents only a small part of the huge amount of material which was amassed during railway expeditions from November 2006 to November 2009 through perhaps the most expressive of the country’s regions: the central area of Russia, the northwest, Lake Baikal, the Far East and the Sakhalin Islands, Siberia, the Urals, the Black Sea coast and the North Caucasus, the Lower Volga, the Baikal-Amur mainline, and the Kola Peninsular, among others.
This exhibition has been set up by Trevix Design.
Photo exhibition in Brera
Photo exposition “The 12th Man”
Turin European Capital of Sport 2015
A project curated by Camera
Turin, P.zza Carignano. 23rd April -20 July 2015

Moments of local history depicting supporting as a means of cohesion and sharing.
Images of Turin teams and supporters from the ‘Archivio
della Gazzetta del Popolo’ Turin newspaper, such as those of the British players Baker and Law, the creative ones of Torino FC, or that of the fans all doing their bit to clear the field
of snow and to allow the football
team to play, or the referee Concetto Lo Bello, severe but well-enough loved to be elected a member of Parliament.

The Exposition has been made with 15 inox frames of Trevix Design.
Steel frames for photos
Realization of outdoor Frames for "Dolphin Creative"
Turin - Dubai - March 2014
Trevix Design for Dolphin Creative has created 25 new steel photo frames, complete with lighting and all the necessary elements for their fitting.
Dolphin Creative is an agency based in Dubai, specializing in the organization and production of shows and events in the Middle East.
The frame structures, made in Turin, arrived in Dubai at the end of March, via container, and will allow Dolphin Creative to extend its activities to the outdoor photographic exhibitions field.
Photo exhibition in Brera
Exhitition "Transmettre. Percorsi del Sapere"
Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone
Milan, Pinacoteca di Brera. 31 March-14 April 2014

We have just completed the photo exhibition "Transmettre", photographers Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone, organized with the support of Vacheron Constantin, using structures designed and built by Trevix Design.
"Trasmettre" is a story of today and tradition at the same time: it tells of meetings, passages, of knowledge, of creativity, of human relationships, the deep connection with the matter. The project is the result of a process that led photographers in different parts of the world in search of men and women who embody traditional knowledge that constitute a heritage of cultural diversity.

Photo exhibition in Milan
Photo exhibition "PinTower"
Milan, Piazza Gae Aulenti - 15 January -16 February 2014
"PinTower" is the photo contest created by UniCredit, with the media partner Vivimilano to document the large urban change in Milan. The contest was open to all fans, as long as of legal age, who have seen their photos published on the websites and on "Pinterest", on the UniCredit page.
In particular, we focused on the redevelopment of the Porta Nuova, within which is located UniCredit Tower, the new Headquarters of UniCredit, which with its Tower A, is also the tallest building in Italy.
Here they were exposed, using the steel frames of Trevix Design, 24 winners shots, selected by a panel of experts in photography and communication.
Photo on Piazza San Carlo
Photographic Exhibition "World Masters Games 2013"
Turin, Piazza Carignano - December 6, 2013 - January 6, 2014
The summer edition of the World Masters Games in Turin in 2013 represented a great opportunity for international visibility. This photographic exhibition, realized in Piazza Carignano with the Frames of Trevix Design, retraces some significant moments of this event and launches the designation of Turin as the "European Capital of Sport" for 2015.
Photo expo outdoor
Photo exhibition "CioccolaTO"
Turin, Piazza San Carlo - 22 November / 1 December 2013
On the occasion of the tenth edition of CioccolaTO', the gourmet festival that from 22 November to 1 December enlivened with sweetness the beautiful city of Turin in the elegant setting of Piazza San Carlo, at the request of the organizers ,Trevix Design has set up a photo exhibition to completion of existing equipment.
Photo frames for outdoor
Photographic Exhibition in Turin "Posterheroes"
Plug - The 60 best posters in a traveling exhibition
Turin, Piazza Carlo Alberto - 11 April -5 May 2013

Posterheroes is a project of the non-profit cultural Plug.
Today Posterheroes at its third edition addressing the issues of mobility, production, health and society, being able to grow and succeed at the international level, stimulating the creative community worldwide to confront the new city model proposed by the European Union.
This exhibition presents on the occasion of the "Biennale Democrazia" in collaboration with FOAT and the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, the best 60 posters created for a contest that, in its three editions, saw a total of 2417 participants poster from 73 countries different. The exhibition was made possible with the Photography steel Frames of Trevix Design.
Outdoor photos
Photo exhibition "In cammino con la Città"
Compagnia di San Paolo - 450th anniversary of the founding
Turin, Piazza Bodoni - April 11 - May 26, 2013

40 frames for a photo exhibition on the city of Turin, where Compagnia di San Paolo has worked for 450 years.
This exhibition tells the story, through the photographs of Andrea Guermani, of the most recent activities of public interest and social action initiated by the Compagnia di San Paolo in Turin, starting with the 1991 law that established the Bank Foundations. A virtual walk between the many facets of the city, places of science, culture, solidarity, cooperation, enterprise, education.
Photo frames
Photo exhibition "Esprit Nomade"
Montier-en-Der, Place Notre-Dame France
17 November to 20 November 2011

On the occasion of the "Festival of Nature Animalier" of Montier-en-Der (in the Champagne region, 200 km from Paris) we set up the photo exhibition by Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone "Esprit Nomade".
The photography festival (organized by non-profit association of volunteers) only lasts four days, however, exposes important names of world photography and draws about 40,000 visitors.
Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone were invited to participate in the 2011 edition as guests of honor.
Exhibitors photos were set up with the active collaboration of local staff and the enthusiasm of the volunteers.
Steel frames for exhibitions
Photo exhibition "Slow Food"
Turin, Piazza Carignano - 28 September -29 October 2012

It was opened in Turin in Piazza Carignano the photo exhibition "Food that change the world", in conjunction with the annual edition of "Terra Madre" on the Oval Lingotto in Turin, an initiative launched in 2004 to bring together, for the first time, representatives from more than 1,200 food communities representing models of food production and sustainable conservation of biodiversity, of the organoleptic quality, but also the of the environment and people.

The exhibition was made possible with new photograph Frames of Trevix Design. These structures, in stainless steel, are less intrusive than the contents promoted, while ensuring solidity, anti-vandal and clean design.
Juventus photo exhibition
Photo exhibition on the new Juventus stadium
Images from the new stadium under construction
Turin, Via T. Rossi - 11 May -5 June 2011

The Juventus Football Club SpA has created a photographic exhibition on the two years of work that led to the birth of the new home of Juventus.
The exhibition, organized by Trevix Design, as outlined by its organizer Jean-Claude Blanc, is "... dedicated to the stadium but also to those who have worked so hard to build ...".
The inauguration of the exhibition was attended by the President Andrea Agnelli, Andrea Cardinaletti, president of the Institute for the Credito Sportivo, and Milos Krasic.
Photo frames in Milan
Photo Exhibition "Eastern Energy, Western Style"
Ogilvy PR Warsaw, for the city of Poznan
Milan, Piazza Duca d'Aosta - 30 September -17 October 2010

The initiative is of the city of Poznan, a historic city, capital of a region of Poland. The exhibition is entitled "Eastern Energy, western style," and was presented at the same time in other major European cities such as London, Paris and Berlin.
Were invited to participate in this project four photographers from four European countries, including Italy, to show how the city looks in the eyes of the other inhabitants of the countries of the European Union. Italy is represented by a well-known photographer in Milan, Francesco Giusti. Other artists involved in the project are from France Thierry Lewenberg Strum, Ben Mergelsberg from Germany, Paul Hardy from England.
Espositori fotografici
“Espositori Bonsai”
Il Comune di Fossano ha deciso di dotarsi di 40 espositori Bonsai, acquistati in occasione del rinnovo delle vie pedonali del centro storico. Fossano - luglio 2018.

Caratteristiche della fornitura consegnata:
  • base in pietra granitica da stampo proprietario colorata in pasta
  • montante in tubolare curvato di acciaio inox con sistema veloce di livellamento e bloccaggio
  • cornice strutturale in alluminio
  • cornice rimovibile in alluminio per fermo foto
  • attrezzatura per montaggio e smontaggio
  • sistema di imballaggio con pallets e contenitori